Linqto Review Pre-IPO Investing

Robinhood. Coinbase. SoFi. Unattainable Foods. What features do such businesses share? On Linqto, they were all available for private investment.

Linqto is an investment platform that allows authorized investors to purchase shares of private firms prior to their initial public offering (IPO). You could get in at an early entry point with a firm with significant potential if you invest before it is publicly traded. However, there is an increased amount of danger, so be sure you understand the disadvantages before investing your money.

If you believe pre-IPO investment is correct for you, you must also select the right platform. This review will show you how Linqto compares.

In a nutshell, invest in leading pre-IPO companies.

Linqto Quick Summary

Invest in prominent pre-IPO firms such as Ripple Labs, Abra, WHOOP, and others.
Identify and analyze the world’s leading unicorns, such as Coinbase and Robinhood.
Sign up in less than 10 minutes, completely online.

Linqto Minimum Investment overview

Minimum investment $10,000
Management fees None
Asset classes Pre-IPO
Account types available Personal investment account Connected retirement account
Access to pre-IPO companies
Offerings guaranteed to close
Cryptocurrencies accepted as payment through a partnership with Uphold, a digital asset trading platform
Best for… New accredited investors

What is Linqto?

When a corporation goes public, it conducts an initial public offering (IPO) and sells shares to the general public.

Some investors, though, desire to invest in these companies sooner. They seek to take advantage of pre-IPO investments and purchase shares in firms before they are available for purchase on a stock exchange. This type of investing, known as private investing, is often reserved for large institutional investors and investment organizations.

Linqto, Inc. intends to change this. Its purpose is to increase the accessibility of private market investing. Investors can invest in firms before they go public using its platform.

Linqto, Inc. intends to change this. Its purpose is to increase the accessibility of private market investing. Investors can invest in firms before they go public using its platform.

Linqto was formed in 2010, although its platform did not launch until 2020. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California. Bill Sarris, CEO and co-founder, is a financial expert who has previously delivered solutions for major corporations such as Microsoft and Intuit.

Since its inception, it has made over 200 investments in almost 40 firms and raised over $100 million in member capital. It has previously invested in unicorns (privately held enterprises valued at $1 billion or more) and early stage companies such as Ripple and Kraken.

How to get started Investment Linqto

quick process to sign up and start investing through Linqto:

Create an account. To get started, Linqto will prompt you to create an account and answer a few questions about yourself to start the process.
Upload documentation. After filling out the basic form, Linqto will ask you to upload documents to verify your identity, income, and assets, so plan on submitting a copy of your passport or U.S. driver’s license as well as your tax returns. Once you submit that information, Linqto will review your documents and decide your accredited investor status. In most cases, Linqto can accredit you within 48 hours.
Invest. Once you receive a notification that you have been accredited, you can begin investing. Linqto’s minimum investment is $10,000. Once you make the investment, Linqto’s team will reach out to you with instructions for funding it. New investors have 10 business days to find their orders and returning investors have five business days. You can make payments through wire transfer, or you can use an Uphold digital wallet. With Uphold, you can pay with U.S. dollars, foreign currencies, and cryptocurrencies.



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